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direct response • infomercials • television production

As a premier Los Angeles-based, award-winning production company, Lipstick, Inc. develops and produces TV series, documentaries, direct response spots and full-length programs, tribute films, plus movies of the week, and commercials.

Creating, writing, producing and editing, their client list includes: Showtime, The Discovery Channel, Kodak, Met-Rx, Black & Decker, Grey Advertising, Estee Lauder, Rhino Records, The American Heart Association, AIDS Assistance, The Rick Weiss Humanitarian Awards The Dream Foundation, The Ashley Stewart Foundation and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Lipstick, Inc’s success is due primarily to the creative partnership of Francine Bergman and John E. Goldhammer. These two nationally known development executives bring over 30+ years of experience in all areas of television production and management.

Ms. Bergman has produced two award-winning documentary films for the Showtime Network, called “The Opposite Sex.” These films follow a male to female and a female to male transsexual coming out through surgery and beyond. The two documentaries were first broadcast in the Spring/Summer 2004 Showtime season and, after taking 1st place in the 2004 Oust Film Festival, plus being nominated for a GLADD Award in 2005, the films were re-broadcast in the 2005 summer season.

Mr. Goldhammer spent years as a studio development executive VP before becoming a writer/producer. Emmys® for Entertainment Tonight, and an earthquake documentary series, are but a few of the national awards he’s received.